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About Mars Servers

Mars Servers was started by a group of well educated engineers with strong knowledge in computers, network, communication, software & electrical engineering with a commitment to share our extensive knowledge and strength with industry and businesses to leverage their web presence. We bring best available technology in an effort to power businesses to success. We have specialized ourselves to provide complex hosting solutions to businesses wherever they are. We are happy to say we are the best dedicated server providers available today.

Our Team

Ramesh Srinivasan, M.E., - VP, Products

Ramesh, master's degree holder in engineering with certifications from leading software providers constantly work with businesses to understand their needs and he develop solutions to suite their ever changing requirements.

Ramamoorthy Srinivasan, B.E., - VP, Sales & Support

Ram, a bachelor's degree holder in engineering has excellent knowledge in IT industry with specialisation in web services. To be integrated tight with customers right from the beginning, he looks after both sales & support.

Vijayalakshmi Dhamodaran, M.E., - VP, Operations

Viji, master's degree holder in engineering with university gold medal has specialised in communication systems and looks after our operations. Her experience in digital communication networks helps us to deliver quality services.